alrighty then…

So i read up on blogging and all that, and have officially decided this to be a creative blog, not a random-thoughts-on-what-i’m feeling blog.* So here goes:

Saturday is National (or World, depending on who you ask) Knit in Public Day.

So get out those needles (hooks, too, you crocheting fools!) and get out and show folks that this craft is indeed alive and well – this ain’t your grandma’s hobby anymore! There are so many fantastic new designs out there, it’s no wonder I have no less than six projects on the needles at any given time.

Here are just a tiny few of the gazillion websites to check out for inspiration:
Lion BrandRed HeartCoatsCrafts

As well as blogs that talk about knitting…
Yarn Harlot
IndiGirl Spud & ChloëMason Dixon Knitting Jimmy Beans

And cool stuff you can get to show the world you’re a knitter…

Or places to go to get better at it:
Knitting Help
Craft Yarn Council

PLEASE post any sites that you adore and want to share!

*Official Disclaimer: This blogger reserves the right to throw in a rant unrelated to crafting or creativity whenever necessary for mental health.

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  1. Wendy says:

    This should be interesting! I’ll check out those sites right away 🙂


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