Yarn = Crack

Fresh from a trip down the yarn aisle at Michaels, I sit here in a state of euphoria over the purchase of five little skeins of yarn. Nothing exceptional about them, one was a brand/material combination I haven’t tried yet, but still, nothing terribly special. And yet, I’m as giddy with excitement over my $25 purchase as my co-worker is over a pair of Blahniks that cost 10x as much.

Perhaps it’s the anticipation of the new project that I’ve picked out to make with it – that’s always heady stuff. Actually starting the project is really a bit disappointing to me, having to move from the possibilities to the practicalities. It’s going from perfection in the idea to the not-so-perfect in my execution of it.

Maybe that’s why I love the smell of yarn in the morning – it’s the symbol of all that can be perfect out there.

Searching for patterns is equally intoxicating to a “yarn harlot” like myself, especially with Ravelry at my fingertips. I can do a casual search on my lunch break, or spend hours searching out the perfect baby hat to make next for Stitches from the Heart. Not knowing who the recipient of my craft will be does not diminish the itching of my fingers to get started on it. I feel good when I can use up some of my stash on a new project, but there’s always a tiny part of me holding its breath and hoping that nothing in my stash will fit the new pattern I’ve chosen, and I’ll be “forced” to go buy something new.

My name is Anne, and I’m a yarn addict, and I’m OK with that. And I think Michaels is, too.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Just walking into a yarn shop (not a craft store) makes my head spin. Feeling all the exotic fibers and thinking of all the possibilities is overwhelming. So, yarn is probably the closest I’ll ever get to drugs and I’m very happy with my decision. At least it’s legal in most states! Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention.


  2. As an employee of Michael’s I highly encourage your “crack” I mean yarn addiction!!


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