Welcome to the Dark Side…

After ~30 years of knitting, I can finally say I also crochet.

I’ve been shown how to crochet many, many times, and I can do it while I’m sitting next to the instructor. The problem is once I get it home, I don’t remember any of it. At least with knitting, all your stitches are sitting oh so prettily on the needle, just waiting for you to come and use them – with crochet, you have to guess which hole to use for the next stitch, which always stymied me.

I bought a copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker, just to keep as a resource in case any of my knitting projects required a bit of crochet finishing. I happened to be flipping through it the other day and found the cute Exchange Bag pattern, a sassy little purse all done in scary little crochet stitches.

So I did what any good crafter would do – I decided that my ignorance/distaste for crochet wasn’t going to stop me from having this cute little purse. I asked my good friend, Jan, who is an indispensable part of our local knitting club, to look at the pattern and tell me honestly if a crochet-impaired person like myself could attempt it with any hope of success. She said, “Sure!” and sat patiently showing me each stitch I would need, ignoring the look of terror and befuddlement on my face. It took several tries to get the first two rows to come out with the right amount of stitches (counting sts in crochet is also more difficult than in knitting), but I was off and running after that. Between her tutorials and the really good explanations in the Happy Hooker book, by the end of the weekend I had a strange cracking noise in my wrist but a nearly finished crocheted purse! Of course, the bottom shells are inside-out, but who’s really going to know that but me (and all of you)?

So I’d like to thank all the folks that had the dirty job of showing me all those other times, they made it possible for it to stick this last time (kinda like loosening the pickle jar lid so the next person can open it).

Now I have no plans to give up the needles, or even attempt another crochet pattern any time soon, but it sure feels good to know I’ve mastered another technique. And as my husband can tell you, I simply hate not knowing how to do something. My fellow knit clubbers have ribbed me to no end this year, as I have not only started gauge swatching my knit projects, but attempting a crochet pattern as well! Add to that my stilted attempt to learn HTML coding for work, and my brain is about full for this year.

Wonder what next year will bring?


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