Ho, Ho, Ho

My grand idea for my nephews’ Christmas present this year came almost completely from Pinterest. Gotta love that. Saw this pin for a bucket of small presents, one for each day in December, so they spread out the unwrapping over a whole month instead of one big morning.


workman-family-bucket-ideaAnd of course my first thought was, “Suuuuure, I could come up with not one gift, but twenty-five for my two nephews!” Add the deadline of one week until we went to see them for Thanksgiving, and you will get a vision of me in a crafting frenzy. Now that kind of stress I can handle.

I tried to make most of the gifts something that they both could play with together, but occasionally I came across things that one of the kids would like better. So I made sure that I spaced them out and identified them on the package label for who should open it. I arranged them so that each child alternated opening gifts, so the appropriate nephew got the right gift. Took a bit of planning, but well worth it.


So on to the details… here is where I ended up Friday morning:

all laid out-numbers

And here is what I gave them:

1. Extra old blank letterhead from my office. As an ad agency, we change logos/stationery every time we move and don’t use the old stuff, so my nephews can use the beautiful blank paper for drawing and crafting.

2. Organic microwave popcorn. They love this stuff.

3. Coloring/Activity Books

4. Indiana Jones playing cards

5. Foam crafting shapes and googly eyes. With self-adhesive backs so there’s no need for glue sticks.

6. Glowstick bracelets from the Dollar Store

7-8. Spiderman/Batman puzzles from Michaels

9. Uno cards. A classic.

10-11. Spiderman/Batman plastic cups.

12. Popsicle Stick Santa/Snowman Ornament kit. From Oriental Trading.

13. Snowman Light Switch kit. From Oriental Trading.

14. Matchbox car for each nephew.

15. Spiderman Band-aids.

16. DIY Tree Decoration. With a little handmade step-by-step sheet to show them how (images from the blog instruction). I included everything they’d need: foam shapes, yarn, glue, glue brush, colored confetti for “lights”.

From http://trocasdelinhas.blogspot.com/2010/10/arvore-de-natal-e-bolas-feitas-com.html

DIY tree-crop

17.  Popsicle Stick Puzzle for each of them. In a quick, handmade pouch.

From http://secondstorywindow.typepad.com/home/busy-bag/

popsicle-puzzle-combo18. DIY Popsicle Stick Puzzle. A bag of blank colored sticks, and a custom sticker to explain that it’s their turn to make their own popsicle puzzles.

DIY popsicle puzzle-crop

19/20. Custom blank comic book and storybook. Used free graphics from the internet and designed some blank pages with squares for them to create their own stories.

comic books-crop

21. Cookies for Santa. Idea from http://www.make-it-do.com/cook-it-bake-it/cookies-in-a-jar-for-santa/
Cookie mix directly from the Cake Pop Queen: http://m.bakerella.com/mix-things-up/
Made of organic ingredients, since their mom is conscious of their food intake. Had a bit of room left at the top of the container, so I included some extra oats for Santa’s reindeer.

cookie mix front-crop cookie mix instr-crop

22. Christmas Bingo Cards. http://www.celebrations.com/content/christmas-bingo

holiday bingo cards-crop

23. Turtle 3D Puzzle. By Creatology from Michaels.

24. Mini notepads and temporary tattoos. From Michaels.

25.  3D Dart Board with Magnetic Darts. Spiderman and Batman, of course. Can you sense the theme yet?

The final touch was printing out numbered labels to put on them. I ended up presenting them all in a cardboard box, not as nice as the bucket the Pinterest folks used, but I don’t think two little boys are going to complain!

Merry Christmas to all!


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