Procrastination, thy name is Anne…


I’ve had six months to decide what to make the new little one that will be born to a friend in the next two weeks.

Six months. 180 days. 4,320 hours. Minus sleeping, eating and working, still enough time to choose and make something lovely.

But have i done this? Nope. And pressure is really not my friend. I make all sorts of poor decisions when stressed out. I’m a take-it-slow-and-think-it-through sort. With a deadline looming, I must make (what seem like) split second decisions on medium (sewing vs knitting vs crochet vs …), materials and patterns. It usually ends up OK, but not without some Tums and my husband trying desperately not to give me the i-told-you-so look as I sew in ends at 3AM the night before our flight. He’s a doll.

So I’m trying to take this a little more realistically, and admit to myself that I truly can’t finish a quilt in two weeks unless I do nothing else. Which is unlikely. So that leaves more easily finished baby knits. They’re smaller and take less time than adult garments. And I love making little things.

So I’ve got a little cardigan all picked out, and have been cruising the net all morning looking for comparable yarn to the one the pattern calls for (it being inevitably discontinued by the time I need some). A trip to Jimmy Beans is on the agenda for tomorrow. Day off and a trip to my LYS? A good day for sure.

And as I hopped over to Ravelry just now to get the link to the aforementioned cardigan, I was distracted by all the other pretty little things I’ve got in my queue. First world problem, indeed.

Now I just have to focus on this new pattern, and ignore the white cardigan that’s been taunting me with half-finished sleeves for over a year; the Craftsy mystery knit-along shawl for July; the tan stockinette cardigan that’s halfway done. Oh, and I promised I’d make a few scarves for the local foundation that hands them out to teen girls at a disadvantaged middle school in town.

Piece of cake.

Ooh, maybe I should make a cake?


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