My office has begun a two-team fitness/weight loss challenge. It will take two months, but whichever team has lost the most weight/inches at the end, wins… something. (We haven’t quite figured out what yet.)


I’m doing pretty well, exercising more and eating more healthy options. Which has gotten me thinking about the other dead weight I have hanging around: my UFOs. Again.

I know, I know, I’ve been here before.

But my love of a new project always outweighs my good sense, and I end up with half a dozen patterns on the needles at any one time. I usually get bored with whatever section I’m on and get lured into something new – “just a quick little something; it won’t take long; just to take the dullness off the other project.” We’ve all said it.

So in the spirit of clearing away stuff that’s holding me back, I’ve decided to go on a project diet as well. No more new things until I finish off the ones I’ve already got going. Now, that’s only three projects: two cardigans and a scarf. Nothing dramatic like an afghan. But enough to keep me busy for another month, realistically.

And just like with a food diet, where suddenly now that I “can’t” have those sugary, fattening foods I’m seeing them everywhere, I’ve been seeing all sorts of neat new patterns that my fingers are just dying to get ahold of. This, of course, has nothing to do with purchasing new yarn, just actually casting on anything new. I’m only human.

I went to my Ravelry account (just to update my projects page and fill in photos and info on some new finished pieces, of course), and decided my five-page queue was way too large, and culled out enough patterns that I really won’t ever use to get my queue down to a manageable four pages.

It was at that point my co-worker walked by my office in a cute little black vest, and I thought, “YES! That would make a terrific fall project: not too big, easy to finish… YES! Definitely a vest.” And since I still had my trusty Ravelry at my fingertips, away I went. Ten minutes later, I was back up to five queue pages, and had printed out five new vest patterns (stapled and three-hole-punched for efficiency).

Just like that – plop – off the UFO wagon. Sigh. The calories don’t count if I just press my nose to the donut store window, right?


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  1. Deanna says:

    Had a great laugh over this!


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