Fire drill

Just got notified by my DH that we’re to attend a birthday party tomorrow afternoon.

“Bring a side dish,” he said.

“What about a gift?” I reply. That is far more important, and probably time-consuming, than picking up some cheese and crackers at the store on the way to their house.

No immediate reply to my text. So, naturally, I assume we need one, and jump on Pinterest (well, I may have already had the window open, but that’s irrelevant to this story…) and start scrolling through my Pinterest knitting board for small projects I can do in an evening – perhaps a wine bottle cover or some coasters? Maybe I need to hit my Ravelry queue, there MUST be something in there… or perhaps a new search for “quick hostess gifts”… the possibilities are endless.

This just serves as another reminder that I *obviously* need to have a few random gifts already completed and waiting in the wings for an emergency just like this.

And I do know folks (God bless their productive hearts) that can manage to get themselves together enough to actually make things that don’t already have a deadline and recipient in mind. I wish I was one, but I’m just not that together. I seriously envy those that do.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually enjoy the last-minute panic. I just can’t seem to get my stash together enough to prepare ahead of time. I’ve got at least five UFOs on the needles at the moment, and I know I should get to those first.

But maybe just another five minutes on Pinterest…


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