The past three days have been, for lack of a more elegant word, crap. Hubby and I have no children, so the four-legged, furry ones we take into our home are that to us. And when we lose them, there are just no words or actions that make that ache any better. Family and friends have been so amazingly supportive, but there it is.

Knitting has very little appeal to me now; I’m between projects, and the idea of choosing something just simply seems beyond my ability to focus at the moment.

Rather than dwell on my sorrow here, I thought I would share with you a few baby sweaters I’ve finished. Baby things are always, almost by definition, filled with hope and joy and life. So that’s where I choose to go today. Taking pictures of baby things in the June sunshine almost, almost, eases the tight ache in my chest just a teeny tiny bit.

Maybe that’s what I’ll knit next.





Both sweaters are the Puerperium Cardigan, one short-sleeved in Berroco Weekend, one long in Berroco Vintage, all extra from my stash.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Love the Sunny buttons. Knitting, as we know, is excellent therapy. So is a friend’s broad shoulder…


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