Shhh!…aun the Sheep

Now that I have finally gotten the thing in the mail to the intended birthday girl (three weeks late) I can talk about it, not just post vague pictures on Instagram that she can’t see.

I give you… Shaun the Sheep.



It’s a small thing, for notions, makeup, cell phone, whatever. Her choice. I think it turned out darling, but the stranded colorwork was a bit of a beast. (It was stranded since I carried the colors across the back, as opposed to intarsia, where each color would have its own separate little bobbin. I know you were dying to know the difference, and now you can sleep well tonight. You’re welcome.)

Since the inside was a bit of a sheep-show, I decided to line it to cover that up. I used a bit of white felt, sewn up the sides, and blanket-stitched into the inner edge. So much easier than making one out of fabric – no raw edges to worry about.


20150614_183126    20150614_183109

The pattern also called for an overly complicated solution to the adorably large eyes that Shaun sports – a clear bead over a black button over a white sequin. Seriously? I think the googly eyes (which I already had in my button stash – yes, it’s a thing, don’t judge me) worked just perfectly.


For the deets, it’s this pattern, knit in Chartreuse(ish) and Black Bernat Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell with white fleece in Red Heart Buttercup.

And while I’m at it, here’s a teaser for the next gift-that-I-can’t-officially-show-because-I-haven’t-delivered-finished-it-yet.




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  1. How cool! It’s fantastic


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