Did you really just say that?

I had been attempting to discuss fall football with a friend at work around the water cooler (aka the water dispenser in the fridge door). I do this occasionally, so that folks don’t think I’m as big a freak as I truly am. Please note, this friend is aware of my great affection for the fiber arts.

Me: So, yeah, I saw there were tickets available to tonight’s local college game; that’s awfully nice of our boss to offer them. I decided that I should probably not go since I wasn’t even really sure which sport they were for…

Friend: Um… yeah… maybe not for you. On the other hand, if it had been a knitting competition, I bet you’d be all over it!

Me: Well, duh!

We chuckled, and he moved on. It was at this point that another co-worker – who will prove he is not a friend by the following interaction – spoke thusly to me:

Him: You don’t seem that introverted to me. I’m sure you have lots of hobbies more interesting than knitting!

I didn’t even know what to say. It was as if time froze as I went through all my options in a split-second:

  • I could punch him in a place that would secure he never had additional children. This option had the most appeal and was my gut reaction.
  • I could walk away and not say anything at all – a quickly discarded option. (Seriously, have you people met me?)
  • I could spit in his eye. Also appealing.
  • I could explain to him how much I love knitting. This also had its drawbacks, since it would require me to continue conversing with this person.

This is what I actually said: “Well, no… actually, I’m an avid knitter.” It was the least likely to get me arrested, since I had to see him again every day.

To his credit, he didn’t even blink twice; just smoothly continued, “Well, of course, knitting is great! Who doesn’t love knitting?! And I hear needlepoint is great, too!”

I quickly disentangled myself from the botched conversation, and walked back to my office shaking my head.

Needlepoint?? Really?? I do have standards, people. 😉



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