Where has the time gone?

This month marks our 20th anniversary. No idea where the time has gone; we both seriously still feel like we’re 29. Such a landmark event required a little more hoopla than the standard flowers-dinner scenario. Having never been there before, we decided to take a trip up the Oregon coast for a whole week.

We planned multiple things to do each day as we went – sightseeing, dining, wine tasting, more sightseeing. I worried that there wasn’t enough on the itinerary, and that we would be bored. Next time, I will actually plan less. We were so tired we actually cut it short by a day just to recuperate in our own bed.

We had a lovely time, don’t get me wrong. Redwoods in Crescent City. Yurt tent camping by the beach (more stable and less tent-y than you would think). Tidepool investigating. Wine sampling. Yarn store searching.* Local seafood eating. And eating. And eating. Aquariums. Lighthouses. Mountains. Dangerous rock formations at low (and not so low) tide. Lava caves (turns out I’m afraid of completely dark and small spaces with bats. Who knew?) Crater Lake. Portland Rose Garden with 600+ kinds of roses. Sidewalk shopping. And lots of drive-by scenery.

Crater Lake
Crescent City, CA
DH in the Devil’s Punchbowl
DH at Multnomah Falls


Visit to Knit Purl in downtown Portland
Would you believe that I bought more wine than yarn on this trip?

*I highly recommend calling ahead to any yarn store that you’ve never visited before. There is a significant chance they (read: three out of four we tried) will be out of business and your detour will have been for naught.

I also decided that such a landmark anniversary needed a better-than-average gift. I decided on an alphabet flipbook that I had seen done a few different ways on Pinterest. Different fonts for each letter, with a personal note to each, all assembled with a folding stand and wire-o binding. I actually have a wire-o binder at work, but if you don’t you can simply punch the holes yourself and re-purpose the wire binding from a notebook you have lying around.




The husband didn’t do too badly, either. Waterford crystal and two dozen roses. I think I’ll keep him for at least another 20.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Wendy says:

    What a wonderful and memorable trip. Love the A to Z book! Isn’t Knit Purl a lovely shop! Here’s to another twenty (or more)!


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