And this one was juuuust right

So, it’s taken me a year to post about my Halloween costume (there’s no judging in knitting!), but here it is. In case anyone else needs inspiration for their costume, you’ll have just about enough time to finish it before this year’s trick-or-treating.


It’s Dolly, by Mary Scott Huff, knit with leftover yellow acrylic (probably Red Heart). I decided to go as a Goldilocksy little girl. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but our office has a costume contest every year, and every year I get sucked into it. I wore PJs and slippers with it, and carried my neighbor’s ginormous teddy bear to complete the look.

It took me about a week from start to finish – those curls were a beast, and I needed 26 of them. The pre-assembly photos were lost in the Great Cell Phone Photo Dump of 2015 (which will teach me to blog in a more timely fashion), but you get the general idea. Sewing on the curls was actually the hardest part.





Upside down view to show the knit cap that holds it all together
Upside down view to show the knit cap that holds it all together

I got ONE vote in the contest… one guy thought I should win because he was amazed that I actually made my wig. In addition to disliking Halloween, I also dislike losing. Good thing I had plenty of candy to drown my sorrows. Maybe this year…


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