Santa’s little helpers have big hearts

The knitter’s season of giving isn’t just the holidays, although that is an exceptionally busy time for most of us.

Nope, that season lasts 365 days a year. Knitters and crocheters are some of the most giving and generous people I know. I am privileged to be surrounded by them every time I attend my local knit + crochet club here in town. In addition to making lovely little things for each other (one very prolific crafter comes in every time with a bag of small shawls to pass out), we join forces and help out whenever a charity or group needs handmade goodies. From baby bird nests to children’s blankets to scarves for our servicemen and women, we grab our needles and dig in.

Cases in point: we are just two weeks into the new year, and I’ve already got three sets of hats and booties to donate to our local pregnancy center, all knit by the loving hands of some of my good friends. Each one is unique, just like the precious bundle that will get to wear it.

To terribly misquote the YarnHarlot, we knit love. It’s in every stitch, which is what makes it as priceless as the friendships formed around the post-apocalyptic life skill craft.

And I highly recommend finding yourself a knit + crochet club in your town. If you can’t find one, START ONE.

wendy-blueberry-hat-booties deanna-elf-hat-booties



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  1. Jordan Walsh says:

    Absolutely adorable.


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