My Little Minions

Now that they’ve all been given, I can finally reveal my Christmas craft gifts.

Gift #1: Minion Mittens

Made for my nephew Sam. Used stash yarn (yay!) and this pattern.  He didn’t need the thumb holes, which was a relief since I’m all thumbs when it comes to knitting that part of a mitten! 😀

The pattern calls for knitting the eyes in the round on DPNs. Let’s just say that I didn’t do so well on my first few attempts. Having used felt for a previous project, I decided to go that route for these bad boys as well, stitching a smaller black felt circle to one of the white circles, and whipstitching the white felt eyes to the mittens. Took a bit of time, but I think it turned out well. And he was thrilled with them.



Gift #2: Custom Uno Game

Sam is also the world’s most avid Uno player. And he’s brutal, taking no prisoners. He requested a set of cards with his picture on it, and being the over-achiever that I am, I decided to make his deck the coolest out there (with the help of my equally fabulous DH). Camo is Sam’s favorite color, so it naturally played a big part in the design. I had it printed here (an inexpensive and really easy-to-use site) and to avoid any copyright issues, I modified the official artwork a bit so it was more unique (also removing any official logos). I also added two new penalty cards that were specific to Sam and his experiences. Another big hit on Christmas morning.



Gift #3: Sharpie Mugs

These were for two of my best knitting buddies.

Saw the phrase somewhere on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect choice for a mug. Designed the graphics myself (kinda my job). I also thought adding a graphic to the handle would be pretty cute as well. I scoured Pinterest to get the low-down on using markers on mugs, since it’s been all the rage the last few years. Everyone is claiming they have the solution to keeping the marker on the mug. Long and low heat vs. short and high heat; this marker vs. that paint – there was no consensus on the correct method. So I merged all the info I found, and decided to use Painters® Opaque Paint Markers (lots of folks suggested Deco Art®, but I couldn’t find those at my store). I cooked them for 1.5 hrs in a 250°F oven, then left them in there while the oven cooled down. It’s surviving hand-washing, so it seems to be working better than my previous mugs done with regular Sharpies. At some point, I plan to do a test of other options when I’m not up against a gifting deadline. (Hey, it could happen!)




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