Christmas Cowl

When I travel, I like to have a few different projects to keep me busy. In the airport, I need something interesting enough to amuse me, but not so complex that if I have to drop it when they change my gate I won’t forget where I’m at in the pattern. If I want to knit on the plane, it needs to be small enough to fit on my lap (and in my carry-on backpack with all my snacks, Kindle and quart-size ziploc of gels and liquids), and workable without jabbing my seatmates with my elbows or needles. Believe me, I do realize the irony of  caring about them when they do their best to infringe on the 18″ of seat space that I’m allowed. (I’ve had tomato juice and red wine spilled on me – separately, of course. That would be weird.)

So this Christmas’ trip back home was no exception. I did something a bit different this time, though – I did NOT wait until 10:45pm the night before my flight to decide on a pattern and yarn. Crazy, I know, but I’m getting smart(er) in my old age. I narrowed down my pattern choices by mid-afternoon, and pulled out all the yarn options that fit them from my stash (another first – will wonders never cease?!), and chose my projects in the broad light of day without any pressure. The result?

Canaletto Cowl with Madelinetosh Tosh DK Tart.


Completed a week after I got back home, it had enough interest to keep me from falling asleep whilst knitting it, but easy enough I could memorize the pattern quickly and still do it while spending time with my family. Win/win.

I got several compliments on it from non-crafters as well, which is helping me learn to just say Thank you instead of admitting that I made it myself and going into a 5-minute explanation of the knit process involved in its creation. Sigh. It’s a long road. One step at a time.


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