It’s my bag, baby

There’s always something bittersweet about finishing a project. There’s the great feeling of a job well done (it hopefully turned out as expected), but like a visit with a good friend, there’s a little bit of sadness that your time with this piece has ended (assuming you didn’t spend the whole time cursing and threatening to throw it against a wall whilst planning how to leave a flaming bag of poo on the designer’s doorstep).

My last project was like the former (I’ll post details on it in my next post). I started it at home, it traveled across the country with me, spent time with my family, and kept me company on the long flight back. Once I was done, and it was blocked and had been worn in public, it was time to tidy up for the next thing on my list.

Which brought me to this.


My project bags end up collecting an odd assortment of paraphernalia as I go. Pens, notes, extra needles, counters, yarn bands… Emptying it out felt a whole lot like emptying out my suitcase after the trip. I had spent a lot of time with them, but these things were no longer needed in this combination, and it was time to put them back where they belong, to wait for the next time. It was a teeny bit melancholy.

Then the siren song of my Ravelry queue started again, as it always does, and the search for the next project began. So much yarn, so little time.


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