Totes Adorbs – not.

I have found, as a general rule, that knitting makes me a better person – within the knitting community for sure, and outside of it at least some of the time. 🙂 I try to be kinder and more forgiving of other fiber folk, when in doubt assuming the best of them, as I would hope they do for me. It also gives me greater patience than I would otherwise have.

That’s why I have waited so long to post about this, as I tried to keep my frustration and irritation in check, hoping for the best with a company that was falling short of their promises.

To take you back to the beginning, it seemed like a good idea at the time: an American company wanted to make/sell American yarn, and was looking for crowdfunding assistance. I knew of them already, as the New Stitch a Day email people, though they were launching under the Pacifica Yarn Company by Argyle Sheep moniker. I signed up for one of the levels, which promised 4 skeins of this new yarn in my color choices, a “backer exclusive” project tote with one of two designs I chose, as well as a photo of their “wall of fame” where my name as a backer would reside (didn’t really care about that part, but hey, it was part of the package).

I chose the “thumbs up” design on the right. Image from Argyle Sheep’s funding page.

This was all in Summer 2015. I did receive my four skeins of yarn (nothing special there) around Christmas 2015, well within the timeframe they anticipated. Terrific. What was missing was the tote. I had no idea what a thing this was going to turn into.

After emails back and forth with their support department in January 2016 (I’ll give them credit, they responded quickly), they first claimed the bags hadn’t come in by the time the yarn was ready, so they shipped the yarn first, and they’d let me know when the totes went out. A month later, I was told they were on back order with tote company. TWO months after that, I was given the same story with the assurance they’d let me know when they were ready. THREE months after that email, I was told the owner was looking at a new tote company, but was in the process of closing his failed brick-and-mortar that he started with the crowdfunding resources (not part of the game plan), and it might be a while longer.

Two months AFTER THAT (it’s now August 2016), I got an email from the company explaining that they’d seriously bitten off more than they could chew, screwed up, and “learned a lot.” They were trying to start another crowdfunding campaign for a new yarn, and wanted my help, even admitting that they hadn’t fulfilled all the promised items from the last campaign. They plainly stated that they were planning the “first chunk of money from this new campaign [to] be used to fulfill the totes.”

They apparently wanted me to pay for my own tote TWICE. These knitters have more than just big yarn balls.

You’d think that would be good news, more money coming in to fix everything, right? Well…

Fast-forward to late MARCH 2017. Yes, that’s right, all you mathematicians, almost SEVEN months after the last contact and 15 months after it was promised, I get an email saying all the totes are shipping that week. Cool. Except… they didn’t. Went back and forth with support again and again every few weeks through the beginning of May, with more excuses as to why it hadn’t gone out. (I’ve got the email chains to prove it, folks.)

Well, lo and behold, what did I get in my mailbox today, but this…


Totes adorbs? Um, no. I guess someone somewhere would call that a “tote,” but it sure as sugar isn’t what I was promised. And it certainly didn’t cost them more than $1.60 (I know how to Google, y’all, and I know how much the sad little “non-woven plastic” cost ‘em to shut me up satisfy their end of the bargain.) No logo, no design printed on it, and certainly not cotton. Blue is my favorite color, so there’s something, I guess.

I’m really not that hard to please, truly I’m not. (Hopefully, DH will back me up on this.) If you tell me the truth, I can handle it. If they’d just been honest with us all along, I’d be much more likely to shrug it off as just a bad investment and good intentions gone awry, and move on. It was the lack of personal responsibility that gets my goat the most. I think they started off with good intentions, but really didn’t end there.

And after getting all this on paper, sending a few scathing emails to the company itself, and ranting to family, friends and disinterested canines about it), I realize, in the large scope of all the awful junk that’s going on in our world right now, it really is nothing. As much as the lack of accountability cheeses me off, it’s really just a tote. It has dimmed my trusting nature just a little bit and I won’t be helping kickstart much anytime soon, but I still have a home around me, a husband beside me, and a hound on my couch.

That’s enough.

Now these two? Definitely totes adorbs.



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  1. Deanna Ross says:

    Hard not to lose trust in your fellow man over this. Integrity and character seems to be in short supply these days. Thank goodness for husbands and 4 legged friends. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy Ugland Urruty says:

    You were more than patient. More than I would have been! It is amazing that they had the nerve to ask you for financial support after all that (didn’t) transpire the first time. Thank goodness for spouses and furry friends. 🐈🐕🐈


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