I’ve been gone sew long

Shortly before Christmas (I said it’s been a while!), I came across a cool project bag tutorial online and thought, “I could do that.” So, um, I did. That was 13 bags ago and counting. Dang you, Pinterest!

After I made a test bag (for myself, of course, there has to be quality control!), I decided to make ones for my knitting family members for Christmas. That was four.

Bags before adding drawstrings

Then I figured it would be rude to just make them something and not the other women in my family.


But the other family members don’t knit and wouldn’t really have a use for a project bag. So back to Pinterest to find other bag styles to sew. Next came the cosmetics bag and boxy pouch. I think they turned out OK. It’s a good thing we don’t have kids, the air got a little blue while turning the corners of those boxy bags!

Zippers, people!



I even threw in a little custom embroidery stitch on the handles

The cool knitting-themed fabric came from Spoonflower on sale. They have a pattern for almost everything, in multiple materials, and if you don’t see what you want you can upload your own (but that’s a topic for another post). They also have wallpaper and gift wrap.

I mainly use 29″ white sport shoelaces as my drawstrings – the aglets on the end are nice and tidy, and the strings are smooth and durable.

After the Christmas bag binge, I made a few for the gals in my knitting club.

Mostly Spoonflower fabrics, so cute!


I also had some leftover Olaf fabric, and couldn’t resist a little wintery bag for myself.

“Do you want to knit a snowmaaaaaan?”

In March, I joined the FibreShare swap, and of course, I had to make one for my share partner. (Duh!)

Love the Roman aqueduct mosaic fabric at the bottom!

And late last month, Yarn Harlot posted that she was raising funds for the People with AIDS Foundation in Toronto by racing the 6-day Friends for Life Bike Rally in Canada (she’s one of the committee members as well as a rider). She has done this for several years, and when someone donates to the team (and I gotta tell ya, knitters rock!), their names go into a Karma Balancing Gift pool; she draws a random name and they get a gift from another person/company that wants to help. This means she can give more away if she isn’t taking the time to mail them all out herself. That’s not why any of us give, but it’s a nice touch.

So I sewed up four new bags (OK, two are almost the same), along with some custom polymer clay stitch markers (again, that’s a topic for a future post, more where that came from!), and sent her an email offering them up as Karmic Gifts. Haven’t heard back yet, but if she can’t use them, I am sure I can find them a good home. 😉

If you want to donate to her team, click here and scroll near the bottom to choose a team member. (I usually choose the one with the furthest to go in fundraising, but that’s just me.)

I used grosgrain ribbon for the bottom two bags, and sewed a pretty little coordinating motif on the ends to keep the edges together and keep them from fraying.

I keep forgetting exactly how much fabric I need for the lining (reminder: it’s more than the single fat quarters I keep getting). The argyle/teardrop bag was one such case. It’s sewn in strips, so you really aren’t sure (or at least I’m not) where everything comes together. I added a bit of the argyle to the salmon lining to get the right length, and voila, what a lovely bag interior.

Seriously, folks, I couldn’t have done that on purpose if I’d taken all day.

I haven’t been knitting as much the past few months — I use a computer all day, and the hand joints ain’t what they used to be. Good thing I’ve got another craft to fill the hours.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendy Ugland Urruty says:

    OMG! I was thrilled to see MY bag in your post! I love the stitch markers. You’ve gotta teach me how you do those. You are, seriously, the most generous person I know. Small wonder that I love you! ❤️❤️


    1. Aww, you’re so sweet. Back atcha! 😙


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